Connect to our Story

How it all started...

David Ginn and his wife, Jennifer, have been married for 13 years. They have spent almost all of that time living in Seattle, except for when they completed a two year church planting residency in Reno, NV. During that time they felt called to come back to Seattle to plant a church. They have two kids Arya (9) and Jameson (7). They love Jesus, their family and Fremont.

More than a Sunday service. 

We love gathering on Sundays to learn, worship and grow together. But we believe God's design for the church is so much more. We want to grow as disciples of Jesus and that has to happen beyond just one hour on Sundays. We are currently moving as a church into what is called "The Four Spaces of Belonging"

Intimate Space (2-4 people): We grow by knowing others and being known
Personal Space (5-12 people): We grow by listening, sharing and applying God's story into our own lives
Social Space (12-50 people): We grow by spending time with others, serving and learning the stories of people in our neighborhoods and networks.
Public Space (50+ people): We grow together as we hear God's Story proclaimed and respond in worship. 

Committed to Costly Community.

Our ultimate purpose to to grow closer to Jesus and each other. We do this primarily through living together as disciples in community. We think community should be costly, meaning it should cost you something to be involved (time, energy, relationship investment) but this community should also be worth the cost.

In this community we seek to grow in our faith and knowledge of God, grow in our love for Jesus and each other and to see transformation as we apply what we are learning in our lives. We also want to spend as much time focusing out on the community and people we are called to love as we do on ourselves. We challenge each other to grow as individuals, as a committed community and as people who go out and love their neighbors, friends and coworkers. 

 Called to local mission.

We are active in the Fremont Neighborhood of Seattle. . The name Two Bridges (in part) represents the Aurora and Fremont bridges in our neighborhood.